Hi  friends, if you are thinking for  How to earn money online. It  means you Have some free times. And you want to utilize your time in online work. Great it sounds so nice. Online works , it is very easy. I will give my best to help you. Read this article carefully , According to me their are unlimited ways to earn but for students, employee. These 10 ways are the basic ways to earn money online everyone should try these.


First of all create your own website, or your can create a free account in Their are many blogging platform you can start blogging for free.Blogger is google’s company it is very safe and reliable, Start posting your blog. You can click on how to start blog for full detail information.


Now a days youtube is increasing day by day more than 1 billions people’s visit youtube daily. So it is one of the best option in online earn money. Just you have to create an account on it and start posting videos. More information you can check below videos.

Affilate marketing

Now a days your audience play vital role in every field. So always gain audience and make faith on you. You can Gain audience trough your social media post Youtube Videos and Blog. Then create an affilate accounts and share your affilate products link. in your blog , social media accounts.
Please check below videos for more information.


Fiverr is online photo selling website , so now a days everyone has a good camera smartphones. So if you have clicked some interesting photos you can sell it there.They will pay good amount of money. Depending upon your photo’s picture quality.

Buy And Sell Domain

Buy some short name domains at low price and sell them for high price , very profitable business. Search high keyword in google buy a domain and sell them online.
How to buy and sell domain online .

Freelance Work

You will get some task or work from clients. And they will pay for this. Just you have create an account on freelancer website. Clients will get in touch with you.

Start Online Services

If you have good knowledge in wordpress, html, css. Then you start online service of making websites for your client. You also give SEO training.

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